• Everyone there helped me out and got my car back on the road efficiently and in a timely manner.
    Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz R350 Service Date: 10/22/2015
    Emily G.
  • Fast, honest, service and friendly too!
    Vehicle: Nissan Maxima Service Date: 10/24/2015
    Joe T.
  • Had a dead battery and couldn't figure out why it kept going dead. They gave me a ride home, figured out the problem, came and picked me up, charged me a reasonable price and had me able to go to work that afternoon. Not easy to find but worth it.
    Vehicle: Honda Accord Service Date: 10/22/2015
    Peter M.
  • Trusting, reliable service every visit. Thank you!
    Vehicle: Honda Odyssey Service Date: 11/04/2015
    Bill E.
  • I have used Getz Automotive on a few occasions for car repairs. Friendly, honest service is what I feel I have gotten every time. I will continue to use this business for my car repair needs.
    Vehicle: Dodge Journey Service Date: 10/20/2015
    John W.
  • This is the second time we had service performed by Getz Automotive - what a difference quality brake parts make!
    Vehicle: Dodge Grand Caravan Service Date: 10/09/2015
    John F.
  • I had to take my car in for a new water pump. They had the parts next day, and gave a pretty reasonable price, plus fixed the car that same day. This is only my first visit there, but they definitely left a good impression. Overall, positive experience.
    Vehicle: Chevrolet Impala Service Date: 10/09/2015
    Tia Y.
  • I had a pleasant experience, as they provided quick and reliable service. Service Tech named John was very friendly and professional. Would highly recommend this business.
    Vehicle: Toyota Land Cruiser Service Date: 10/01/2015
    Fanning J.